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Alien Abduction- This is one of the most unbelievable areas of the alien and ufo phenomenon. These accounts would normally be totally disreguarded but for the similarities that arise from reported abductee claims. People from all over the world report remarkably, the same incredible story. Well, not exactly the same, but the similarities are astounding. One could argue that people are so accustomed to claims of alien abductions now, that anyone could come up with a convincing story that would seem to fit the profile. Although this does not account for claims made by individuals of less civilized societies, who have never even heard of a ufo or aliens for that matter. Nor does it account for the evidence of possible abductions as far back as biblical times, and perhaps even further, for this does not seem to be just a twentieth century phenomenon.
    The Barney and Betty Hill story set the stage for the abduction experience, but similarities can be found in cases throughout history, from all around the world. The majority of abductions seem to take place at night when most are sleeping. First, many report a slight buzzing or a sensation that seems to signal the coming abduction. While others simply awaken to a paralized state in which the abductee is unable to move or speak. A bright light that seems to be coming from outside is often reported. Entities are then said to enter the room or just appear, sometimes relaying thoughts of comfort telepathically, such as "we mean you no harm", "this is neccessary", and "it will be alright". Abductees then often report floating through solid matter like windows and doors, as they are taken to a ship or room that resembles a hospital or lab setting. After which, a series of test and other procedures that seem to involve reproduction and genetic engineering, take place. Females often report being artificially impregnated for a time, to aid in the creation of hybrids, that are sometimes shown to them later. Many report being shown man's future and the coming global catastrophes that will occur if we don't change our ways. The abductee is sometimes told not to tell or that they won't be able to tell due to the fact that they wont remember. For most , this is not a very enjoyable experience, but some abductees claim that you can move past this fear stage and reach a stage of spiritual growth, understanding and most importantly, that you don't have to be afraid.
   A strange side to the abduction phenomenon is that this is not often a one time occurence. After looking into a persons case, it usually indicates a history of abductions dating back to childhood. Many abductees fear that their children may also be involved. Multiple abductions, where friends, family or other groups of people are abducted together, are also occasionally reported. At some point, abductees usually get flashes or glimpses of an experience they can't vividly recall. Other times, it is remembered as a dream or nightmare allowing the person to dismiss the incident as such. If all this is true, and the aliens are just mean and like torturing humans, then why are they kind enough to place people back in their beds, cars, etc...? There must be more to this, some purpose. If so, then does this purpose benefit us, them or both?

Missing Time- This area seems to pertain only to abduction experiencers or may be an indication of being abducted. Say you were driving along one night, on a road you were familiar with. Suddenly, a moment later, you realize that you are not on that same road and it is later then it should be. Or perhaps you arrive at a destination only to discover that you are an hour or two late with no memory of why this is. This type of occurence could be classified as an episode of missing time.
   Now this does not include blackouts or passing out from drugs or alcohol. These episodes occur among sober, rational people and tend to last from 45 minutes to 2 hours on average. When reviewed by trained professionals, an alien abduction is usually the only explaination that comes to the surface. Some accounts even tell of people being unable to be found during such episodes, whereas friends and family members state that they looked everywhere and the person was not to be found.

Scoop Marks- These are supposed scares from alien abduction procedures. Abductees often report scares or areas of the skin that seem to show signs of medical procedures that have been done to them without their knowledge and are other-wise unexplainable. Usually, abductees notice a new mark or discolored area of skin that was previously not there. Some think this is a sign of where something was put into them such as an implant or some sort of medical device, where something was taken from them such as a tissue sample or the removal of an implant.

Implants- This is a word given to small objects placed in the bodies of abductees by aliens. Scoop marks are often found in the area of the alleged implant. Many disagree on the purpose for these implants, if they do indeed exist. Some argue that they are for monitoring or tracking individuals. Other state that these do much more, like controlling or influencing our thoughts and actions. Perhaps they are for multiple purposes we are unaware of. The most common incident described is where a long metal rod with a ball-like object on the end, assumed to be an implant, is inserted through the nose. A crunch or popping sound is described as the object penetrates the bone and cartilage. Needless to say, some objects have been produced from abductees but most are found to be of earth materials, organic, or unidentifyable. This in turn, hinders the process of determining if they are in fact real or just a figment of the imagination.

Visions of coming catastrophes- One of the most bizarre areas of the abduction phenomenon, are the visions or images of our future shown to the abductee by the aliens. While some report being shown periods of their life, many report being shown our future on a large television-like screen. Sometime the images appear to be just in the mind, without the use of a screen. The majority of these images seems to center around the destruction of our planets environment. This is not done by an alien force, but by our own hand through greed and self-centeredness. They are usually images of global catastrophes like earthquakes, storms, hunger, disease and especially pollution. Nuclear and biological warfare are also a large fraction of the images. "We take more then we give, destroying life instead of creating it", seems to be the message they are sending, but why? Is there a genuine concern for the human race from an outside intelligence? Many speculate that the abductors are trying to help us avoid or at least survive a global catastrophie that they themselves faced at one time.

Hybrids- These are supposedly the offspring of aliens and humans. This is not to say that actual sex takes place between an alien and a human, although it has been reported on occasion. It's usually the greys that are reported when hybrids are concerned, but not always. The process is most often described for women as some form of artificial insemination during an abduction experience. Then the fetus is removed a few months later during another abduction. Unfortunately, many unexpectedly terminated pregnancies seem to corroborate the many claims of "aliens stole my baby". The majority of the time, doctors are forced to document it as a miscarriage. Many abductees report seeing liquid filled containers with what appears to be small aliens or hybrids inside. Others state that they have encountered hybrids much older who are not confined to a container. Abductees also indicate that the human/alien hybrid process is not yet perfected, like they're still trying to get it just right. Females often report being shown what they believe are the offspring they helped produce. Many also state that the aliens are unable to provide the bond and the emotional nuturing of a human parent and that this is the reason the aliens encourage the hybrid and human parent to interact.

Crop Circles- England is probably one of the best known crop circle hot spots but these appear all over the world. Often, huge shapes or signs are found in a field, usually covering several acres. From above you can see beautiful designs not readily seen from the ground. It is unclear if these are messages to us, other aliens or for some other purpose we are unaware of. Unfortunately, over the last couple decades, crop circle faking has become quite popular. Again, this does nothing more than harm the real evidence that may be out there. Investigators state that within a genuine circle, the stalks appear to have been heated in some fashion and bent perfectly at the base with no braking and folded flat. This does not seem to harm the stalks, for they continue to grow. Electromagnetic fields have also been reported to exist within a genuine crop circle, and often the chemical composition of the crops within the circle appear to have been altered in some fashion. Strange lights are sometimes seen in the area the night before a crop circle is discovered and theories range anywhere from bizarre weather and swamp gas to messages from alien visitors. Several individuals have come forward over the years, claiming to be responsible for all of the crop circles reported. Some have even revealed the process in which they created the circles but it is highly unlikely that these individuals are responsible for all of them because they have appeared all over the world. Furthermore, the strange electromagnetic fields and the process of bending the stalks without braking them has yet to be explained, within a genuine crop circle. Documentation of possible crop circles from long ago can be found, so it is likely that crop circles are not just a twentieth century phenomenon, but before the invention of the airplane, crop circles could have never been seen from the right perspective, at least by human eyes.

Cattle Mutilations- Not much can be said about this phenomenon, for not much is known. All that is known is that some force, whether human or alien, is leaving normally healthy livestock dead, with no trace of who, what, or why this was done. Certain tissue and glands seem to have been removed with surgical precision, usually in areas around the skull and reproductive organs. What keeps this area a mystery is the fact that no tracks of any kind are found near the corpse, which would give some indication of what lead to the animals death. Blood is another missing element. No blood is usually found on or near the body. Examination of the areas removed show signs that the tissue was removed with an instrument of extreme heat such as a laser. Some say this is the work of the government conducting research or some bizarre experiment or unknown project. Others insist that it must be the work of alien beings for some purpose we are not aware of. Some argue that if it was the government doing it, they would be more descrete about it and use their own private stock of cattle, and dispose of the bodies more efficiently. Instead the evidence is left in plain sight for all to see. There is usually no indication of any attempt to hide the animal carcass. It may even be that this is nothing more then a scare tactic to throw everyone off, but who is doing it and why remains a mystery.

Greys- Among the various alien races that have supposedly visited Earth, the Greys are the ones most associated with alien abductions. While under hypnosis, abductees often describe beings of about 3 and a half to 5 feet tall, sometimes taller, with very slender bodies and proportionally large heads. Their bodies are said to be totally hairless and range in color from an off-white to a bluish-gray. The ears and nose, if any, are usually very small with nothing more than a slit for a mouth. They are appearently non-verbal and communicate totally telepathically. The most striking feature of the greys are the eyes. They are described as huge, black, piercing eyes with a somewhat watery or glassy look. Abductees report being calmed and sometimes lost or overwhelmed by the aliens' gaze. These beings are often said to kind of float across the ground and have the technology to go through solid matter. Some abductees claim to feel a sort of connection with them and believe the entities care about them in more then just a scientific way. Some even state that they have been told that they agreed to these (abduction) circumstances before they were earth-bound and had physical bodies. Others have had just the opposite experience where they were total traumatized and felt violated to every degree.
   The greys appear to be emotionless to most, when compared to us. Many who have had more possitive experiences with them, feel that they have been part of something bigger than themselves and are taking part in some higher purpose involving spiritual evolution and the continuation of our species. Many others are convinced they are evil and are secretly plotting to take over our world. There are even rumors of cooperation efforts between our governments and the greys, where technology is exchanged for the allowing of human abductions and certain underground alien bases on Earth. Then there is the theory that they were developed through a cloning process and are slaves to a master race of reptilians. The idea behind this theory is that the greys genetic structure is deteriorating more with every new generation of cloning. Some also believe that they are trying to free themselves from their slave masters while also attepting a solution to the cloning problem. For some reason they have chosen human DNA to bond with in an attempt to create a half-human/half-alien being who possesses the best qualities of each species. Perhaps this is their plan to gain the ability to reproduce naturally and regain emotions that were lost or maybe they never had in the first place. Perhaps it is unfair to judge the grey race as a whole. Maybe there are different fractions of the greys, each with their own purposes and agendas. Like with humans for example, some are very kind and would wish you only good will, while others are very mean and hateful, and would rather take advantage of you for their own selfish purposes.

Mars- Since the fifties, the idea of martians and little green men has an almost comical quality, but in todays society is there any reality to these somewhat radical phases? A growing number of people believe that there may be. There are two main theories that support the possibility that life exist or at least existed at one time, on Mars. Both ideas center around the destruction of Mars' atmosphere. The main difference between the two ideas is just what became of the inhabitants of Mars. The first idea is that a very long time ago, before Earth was inhabited by early man, Mars was inhabited by intelligent life. At some point it was realized that for some reason, the inhabitants could no longer remain safely on Mars. Their only hope was to evacuate to the nearest planet. Earth was chosen as the prime candidate. The people of Mars then came to Earth to start a new life. In this idea, we are named as the decendents of Mars.
   Recently, a newer idea is poking its head about. This theory comes primarily from remote viewing data, contactees and channelers. This idea or story is a bit more detailed but may be total nonsense since we don't have any way of verifying any facts. Nevertheless, the story goes that long ago Mars was inhabited. Not by man, but by what you might call our space brothers or cousins, very human-like but still very different. At some point, a very large body, perhaps a large asteriod or comet, passes too closely to Mars. The object doesn't hit Mars, but passes close enough to rip away part of its atmosphere, making it unstable. The people of Mars are frantic to find a solution to the problem and seek refuge in constructed, underground dwellings. At some point aid arrives in the form of another alien race with technology to transport survivors to the nearest hospitable planet. In most accounts, it is the greys that are the aliens that come to aid. So a large percentage of the people were brought to Earth and given a second chance. Because Earth was already inhabited by early man and to not disrupt the natural evolution, the people of Mars use knowledge gained from their experience on their own planet, to build underground dwellings here on Earth. It's believed by some that they will remain hidden until man reaches a stage when he is ready for the knowledge of their existence. Many believe that in the past, it would have been very dangerous for any being of another planet to announce its presents. Even today it would probably be dangerous. We are still very primative as a society. We have not risen above the need for violence and wars. Some ask that if we can't even get along with each other, how will we ever accept beings from another world? The problem with this second theory, if there is any truth to it at all, is that by the time we have reached a point to where we could cohabitate with another species in a beneficial manner, we will have destroyed Earth through greed and ignorance.
   Whether there are martians living in secret on Earth or not, many believe that we will face huge problems in the coming years with pollution, overpopulation, the depletion of natural resources, nuclear waste, natural disasters, etc...There are many legends such as that of Atlantis, which speak of a race of beings with advanced technology, that came from the stars. Some even view the face on mars and what look like possible pyramids on Mars, as evidence to support the idea that life once existed on Mars and at some point must have at least visited Earth.

Cover-ups and Disinformation- This is probably the most unfortunate side of the alien and ufo phenomenon. Here, the deceit does not come from an outside source, but from within our own government. The most famous of cover-ups is probably the Roswell crash of 1947. So many versions of the story have surfaced, that one hardly knows what to believe. Some have gone so far as to say that the government will even put out false accounts or disinformation. This is to be like throwing some utterly ridiculous piece of information into an actual event, therefore making it totally unbelievable by anyone. Some even state that their reputations were purposely ruined by rumors that would make a person question their credibility. Some claim that M.I.B.s are the governments way of covering up and making sure no one speaks what they know. Others claim that M.I.B.s are the alien's effort to keep their activities secret. If the government truely believes aliens do not exist or at least are not here yet, then why such a rush job on the part of the military to keep a close rap on every ufo event reported. Once the military shows up at a supposed site, no one else is allowed to see, hear or speak anything about it. If alien visitors are discovered, then no government has the right to keep this secret. It is the right of the people of the entire world to know the truth. A claim of national security is usually the main reason given for information withheld from the public. Others believe the government must know something that is so shocking that it would cause panic and fear, were it known to the public. It may be that at the time when the governments found out the truth about alien visitors, we may not have been ready to handle it as a society. But now many believe that we are ready for the truth but that the governments would have to first admit to the people that they had been lying to them for over 50 years, and they're not about to do that.
   Currently, it is a growing belief that the government is slowly letting certain pieces of information leak to the public, in an attept to slowly condition us for the inevitable time when they have to admit that aliens are real and are here. Some believe that there will be a publicly staged landing sometime in the future, where the governments will claim it to be a first time meeting with visitors from another place. But, in truth it will just be a cover to protect their own credibility and finally come clean, at least a little. With the information obtained from supposed documents such as the Majestic 12 documents and the ones Bob Lazar was shown, it's speculated by some that another craft crashed in 1949 where a live alien was recovered. The rumors go further to say that this entity, referred to only as E.B.E., remained in the governments care for three years, when in 1952 the entity died of unknown causes. Whatever the reasons for the lies and disinformation surrounding UFO related material, sooner or later the demand for the truth will be too great to keep it hidden. We all have a right to know the truth, for some, even a need to know.

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