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  We do not stand by any of the statements or beliefs in any of the following articles. These are no more than articles we've found on the net which we felt would inspire fear if they were true. We have no way of knowing if any part of the information is accurate or not. Some individuals stand by such claims while others may state that these files are total nonsense. Decide for yourself. WARNING...Read these files at your own risk. If you are prone to delusions or paranoia, then we suggest you turn back now. We are not responsible for the information contained in the following documents. Have fun.

UFO Occupants Classification - Classification of observed UFO occupants are supposedly described here

Government/Alien Cooperation Efforts - This article contains information on certain advancements in science and technology due to cooperation effort with the greys

More on Alien Types - Here you'll find the varieties of alien beings known to interact with humans and supposedly involved in influencing human affairs

Three Star Tells All - Roswell, the governments live alien, Men in Black, U.S. and Britain secret treaty with the aliens - it's all here

History Part 1 - A historical report on the governments involvement with aliens, UFOs, and cover-ups

History Part 2 - Part 2 of a historical report on the governments involvement with aliens, UFOs, and cover-ups

U.N. Address - Pollution free energy, crop circles deciphered and failed attempts at getting the public informed on the truth about UFOs

Abduction Experience Classifications - Here you'll find the supposed different types of alien abduction categorized

Ashtar Tells All - How the government is preparing us for aliens, future Earth changes, secret alien bases, etc...

UFO Sightings by Astronauts - An alien moon base, were we warned off the moon?...scary stuff here

Alien Astronomer/Extraterrestrials - A large collection of the above type information, sort through the disinformation on your own

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