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  Among countless stars, is Earth the only planet blessed with life? Is this some miracle by chance, never to be reproduced on another world? In 399 b.c., the great philosopher Socrates was accused of not believing in the gods in which the state believed. He was tried and found guilty of corrupting Athenian youth and religious heresy. He was sentenced and put to death by the use of a poison he chose to ingest. Galileo was warned not to defend Copernican Astronomy because it went against the doctrine of the church. In 1616, the Roman Catholic Church demanded that Galileo stop teaching his theory that the sun was the center of our universe and everything revolved around it. The belief at that time was that the Earth was the center and the sun (and everything else) revolved around the Earth. Galileo was eventually hauled before the Catholic Inquisition and was condemned to house arrest, for life. After 10 years, he died while still under house arrest. We know today of course, that Galileo was indeed correct. Thoughout history people have been unjustly ridiculed, harassed, and even severely punished for their views and ideas that didn't seem to quite fit in with the currently accepted beliefs. Are we arrogant to assume that man is the only intelligent life out there? We think so. We are Chris and Mary Herring of Russells Point, Ohio. Over the past 7 years we have spent much of our time privately researching this subject, (a hard subject to research when most people keep their experiences to themselves for fear of public ridicule).

  We believe that possibly as much as 60 percent (or more) of the population already believe that the government is hiding what they know about worldly visitors. Whether for our own protection or their own abuse of power, the reason for this secrecy is unclear. If only the slightest percentage of the hundreds of reported cases are true, then this is something the people need to know about. It would be the single most important discovery of all time. We would have to change many of our views on our place in the universe, religion, and our entire social structure. Of course, many initial reactions would probably be those of fear and suspicion. Most of the reports could probably be overlooked if it not for the amount of credible witnesses. If it were just people of little intelligence and unreliable witnesses making the hundreds of claims of UFO sightings and alien visitation, then we could all laugh it off. But unfortinately it's not. Often reports come from more reliable witnesses then you or I. Reports come in from doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers, military personnel, pilots, etc. from all over the world. Sure, there is a large percentage of claims that can be explained away, often as a simple misidentification. But unfortinately there are also a lot of claims that can't be explained away and remain true unknowns. Much of the evidence that can't be explained is in photographic and video evidence, as a persons credibility is too easy to question or discredit when dealing with personal accounts. Even when there are multiple witnesses, an event is sometimes explained as no more than mass hallucination. Now let us play a little game which will require some imagination on the part of the reader. Assume for a moment that it's about 150 years in the future and you are an explorer among the stars. Now also assume that you have just discovered a young earth-like planet, inhabited by primitive lifeforms similar to early man. Would you then reveal yourself and all your advanced technology to those inhabitants? You would of course be looked upon as a god, so to speak, and as for the would probably be like giving guns to children. Would it be right to introduce your own beliefs, culture, and morals? Would you allow yourself to interfer with the natural evolution of a primitive culture or species of another world?

The skeptic can pose many arguments like -"where's your proof or physical evidence" or "even if there was life out there, the distance between stars is too great for us to ever be visited". Yet, who can say what technologies a race hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of us might have. Just look what man has accomplished in the last hundred years with science, computers, space travel, etc. Now imagine a race with technology a thousand years ahead of us. Many will argue that man as a species, is still very young and so is our science, so there may be many ways to overcome the vastness of space that we don't even know about and have yet to discover. As for the proof, it may well be out there, to anyone with eyes open enough to see it. In light of possible government cover-up conspiracies and disinformation efforts, we believe that some of the best proof may currently be found with the abductees. Whether you believe or not matters little to them. They truly believe it to be real. You don't just wake up one day and say- "Oh, I think I'll be abducted by aliens today". This is a horrifying experience to those who have not yet come to terms with it. Many believe they are loosing their minds at first. They don't want it to be true. It can't be true. Many would also prefer that they were crazy or delusional. We are not here to say, "Yes, all these people are being abducted by aliens". The fact of the matter is that something is happening to hundreds of people all around the world that doesn't quite add up. If all these people are crazy or just seeking the spotlight for a short time, then why such a topic of unbelievable proportions? We can think of at least a dozen more believable stories one could tell to get noticed. There also seems to be a genuine fear of something within a majority of the people involved in the abduction experience. Fear of what? What could be responsible for the unbelievable feelings or emotions that seem to stem from some incredible experience that has literally shaken the foundation of that persons belief system? Science has yet to discover a mental disorder that could be even partially responsible for abduction claims. After all, do we not assume the role of the alien abductors when we go out and track down an animal we are interested in studying? First we locate a specimen, then we put the animal to sleep. We capture it and then run whatever test or experiments we wish. Then we tag the animal for monitoring, tracking, etc...and release it back into its enviroment. Sounds a little familiar to most abductees. Those that have moved past the fear stage, usually seem to be very intelligent and spiritually enlightened individuals. Often, such people develop a deep concern for how we live and interact with our environment and each other. According to certain ufologist, such as Stanton Friedman, the polls show that the majority of people do believe in UFOs and in fact they often show that the higher a persons education, or perhaps intelligence, the more likely one is to believe. One problem that hinders getting at the truth, are the frauds that have been exposed. Why one would choose to fake such an extraodinary claim is unclear. It does nothing short of discrediting the real evidence that may be out there.

           Painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino, in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence - attributed to the 15th century school of Filippo Lippi

  From the subjects of early cave paintings to ancient art and scriptures, history would seem to indicate that we may have had visitors from other worlds or dimensions. In fact, some ancient scriptures from many different cultures, give the impression that it was common knowledge that we've had visitors from the stars. How do you explain ancient tales of chariots from the sky? And what of flying ships appearing in art far before the first plane was ever thought about. Even the Bible has been suggested as possible evidence of alien contact, for its numerous accounts of objects in the sky, wonderous miracles and other strange events. What secrets lie with ancient Egypt, Stonehenge, or possibly even Atlantis? Have there indeed been more advanced civilizations of man that have somehow been lost? We would like to suggest a book to anyone out there searching for answers to the question of -ARE WE ALONE?- The book is called COSMIC VOYAGE and is written by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. It's an incredible book. It is based primarily on Remote Viewing sessions conducted by the author. For those of you who do not yet know of S.R.V. (Scientific Remote Viewing), In short it is a trainable mental procedure which allows a person to extract accurate and often detailed information from distant locations across time and space. If your main interest is in abduction cases then ABDUCTION by John E. Mack, M.D. is a must. It explores many cases of UFO abductions from all angles and is very credible. If you'ld like to read about the more recent hardcore evidence surrounding this phenomenon, then we would like to suggest CONFIRMATION-The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us. It is written by Whitley Strieber, author of Communion. The books main focus is on the video evidence, close encounter testimonies and unexplained objects more recently removed from abductees.

  If you think you've seen or experienced something you can't explain, please e-mail us with your story. Feel free to e-mail us about questions, comments, or personal experiences you would like to share. Ghost stories, bigfoot sightings, psychic phenomenon, etc. are also accepted. If you would like your story to appear on our Stories Page, then please go here and submit it to us. No names will be used unless indicated. Any pictures or stories would be greatly appreciated. Whether your a believer or not, we encourage you to research this highly contraversial subject on your own. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. To begin that research and dig deeper into the mystery, just use the Site Navigator at the top of the page, or choose a topic that we have covered from the table below. We would also like to encourage you to submit your own input into these matters. Our Paranormal Questionnaire will allow you to state your own beliefs. Thank you for visiting our site.

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