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A Special Thanks to all of you...

  I would like to take a moment to acknowledge those that have helped make this site possible. First off, I would like to thank Tripod, Geocities, and Xoom for there support for without such places, free sites like this one would not be possible. Hundreds of people have been able to create their own personal websites with the free hosting such places provide. I also would like to thank all the sites that have contributed to this one, whether it be links, graphics, movies, comments or any other form of support. A special thanks also goes out to all of you open-minded folks who have contributed your own input into these matters. Many of you have sent us pictures, comments, theories, and incredible stories of personal experiences that you were willing to share. I thank you all for your courage and honesty. I would even like to thank all of you who have sent us negative feedback. Contructive critisism can be a healthy thing and we need folks like you to keep us on our toes, (no matter how annoying and arrogant some may seem). We must all thank the true ufologists such as Stanton Friedman, John E. Mack, Timothy Good, Whitley Strieber, Courtney Brown, Bud Hopkins, Brad Steiger, etc...for their invaluable contributions to this field of study. I would also like to personally thank all my friends who have lent their support towards my sometimes unconventional theories and ideas: Dennis, Rob, Curtis, Eric, Jim, Bill, Kevin, guys know who you are. And finally, and most my wife and daughter for their unending support and in lending an ear for my constant rantings. I thank you all.


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