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Winners List

UFO's The Beginning of a New World -A great UFO site that all will enjoy. We felt Karen Lyster definately deserves our award for her website excellence. Great job!

THE DILLIFILES -The new beginning for truth, and unity. This site shows dedication towards finding the truth about life from other worlds and MR. Dilli does all he can to personally keep you informed.

Divine Djinn's Extraterrestrial HQ -This site is dedicated to giving the public THE WHOLE TRUTH about extraterrestrials. A huge site with loads of information. Meet the Divine Djinn. A+

Aliens111 -This site features Roswell, Area51, Crop Circles, UFO Pictures, UFO Chat and Personal Experiences. This site MUST BE VIEWED using Netscape for the DHTML desired affect. Great site Bobby!

Files of X -X-Files stuff, gallery, wav files, e-cards, chat room, bulletin board and a great personalized award. Two thumbs up Wendy!

A Shipper's Heaven -This is an X-Files page that explores the relationship between Mulder and Scully. You might even learn a few new words here, like shipper and noromo. Nikki is a true fan!

North American Metaphysical Circus -An interesting paranormal site with UFOs, movies, pictures, audio, ghosts,webrings, games, etc...Check out what Jammin J has got to offer.

v a m p r e s s versionX -Her hand gently beckons, she whispers your name, but those who go with her are never the same...Dare to enter the world of Vampress.

Aliens Anonymous - The Website For Aliens By Aliens -This site is dedicated to the Aliens visiting earth, an on-line DatingBox for Aliens to meet each other, Alien StarPool, where aliens can arrange passengers for spacetravel. And much more.

The X-Files : Apartment 42 -An episode guide, list of characters, over 250 images and more... all about the X-Files...Great site!

Alien Astronomer -Explore the exciting and mysterious worlds of ufology, astronomy, secret societies and hi-tech/secret projects. Analyze the beautiful color photos and thought-provoking articles. Open your mind to the infinite wonders of our universe and its alien life-forms...Great job Mark!

UMXF (Unlocking the Mysteries of the X-Files) -X-perience the X-Files through a whole new perspective. A very nice site with a good design and a personal touch. Keep it up Starbuckx!

UFO'S FACT OR FICTION -A lot of topics covered: Roswell (extensive) Men in Black (Very Extensive) Pictures (soon to be 4 galleries) and other UFO related topics. Great job Andrew!

The Paranormal Realm -A page that tells you everything you need to know about aliens, ufos, area 51, roswell, and much more. Keep up the great job Matt!

The Ultimate Page To The Unexplained -A layman's guide to the paranormal, the unapprehended, and the unexplained. Desmond makes a valiant effort. Don't miss his site!

The Lone Cryptic's -Discover the truth about UFOs, government conspiracies and the paranormal. View images of Space, UFOs and Crop circles. Definately worth a look or two or three...

We Want To Know ! -UFO sighting report form, sighting stories, abduction stories, other invaders and more. A great site, don't miss this one. Keep it up Brian!

The Official Doc45 Webpage -A great resource for Ufology...Find the dates of upcoming conferences, articles, and much more...Great job Adam!

Enigma's Paranormal Portal -This site is dedicated to the exploration of the strange and unknown. Check out what Ray's done with this site!

The Teen UFO/Alien Research Website -Safi's website is an excellent place for teens to learn about and discuss the UFO/Alien enigma. She is a very bright girl and has worked hard in creating this very fine site.

A Paranormal World -This site contains information and pics of paranormal topics; aliens, ghost, Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, etc...Great job Ray.

The Silver Nebulae -A cool site by Raven LittleView, that covers a range of topics. From alien agendas and conspiracy theories, to ghosts and modern day witches, this site definately deserves a look.

UFO's Do you believe? -Here you'll get pictures of aliens and UFOs, info on topics like Bob Lazar, Roswell, MJ-12 Documents, site, check it out.

The Supernatural Zone -This site is dedicated to the study of UFOS and Unexplained Phenomena. This site contains over 30 separate pages devoted to these topics plus updated links. Ron has put together a very extensive site that has something for everyone.

Paranormal Phenomena and the Unexplained -Information on ghosts, UFO's, Roswell and other paranormal topics, haunted places index, paranormal experiences, a web poll, paranormal greeting cards, etc...take time to check out what Rebekah has done with her site.

IAS & Manjushri Mandala -A spiritual orientated site: New Age, Buddhism, Astrology, Art, Research, Inspiration, etc...A very indepth site with a good design, check it out.

Official site of UFO2U on the web -Compiles submitted paranormal stories (UFO2U from U), weekly updated Q & A section (entitled Cafth) with an alien being, a unique alien gallery, meeting info on the UFO group UFO2U, and announcements of interviews, etc...very nice graphics, highly recommended.

Stories My Grandma Told Me -This site contains stories of paranormal activity that has occured within a family over the past 80 years. There are many interesting tales centering around the paranormal...very cool.

Heavenly Starlight's Place -True accounts of the paranormal, this is a very nice site put together by Heavenly Starlight, a very pleasing to the eye kind of site, check it out.

The Phoenix Within -This site exists to show manic-depressives how to reach beyond the curse of the illness and grasp its gift, to find the Phoenix within their soul and arise from the ashes. It is a very large site and houses a section on personal experiences in the 'paranormal' under the heading: Blackbook.

UFO CRAZE -This site covers the topic of aliens and government contact, some good pictures and movies, check it out.

Wapit UFO Group -Research into all aspects of the paranormal world in the 21st century, check out the pictures....

Phenomenon - the world of the mysterious and unexplained -Large archive on a variety of mysteries mankind has encountered througout his history, visually appealing and easy to navigate, this site offers a lot for one searching for answers. Check out what Team Phenomenon has in store for you.

Yorkshire UFO INFO -From Opinions & Research to the UFOs of NASA......they have it all. Check it out....

Northern Lights Paranormal Studies and Investigations -This website is dedicated to various investigations of ghostly phenomenon undertaken in the North Dakota/Western Minnesota region. An easily navigated site that should please those with an interest in the afterlife and ghosts....

The Paranormal Conspiracy -A community dedicated to the world of the unknown....there are many topics of interest here....definately worth a look....

The Dixie X-Files -Haints, Hauntings and Hoodoos in the Old South, true tales of UFO's, ghosts, monsters all with a Dixie flair, the designer took a different approach and categorized subjects of the paranormal by state....

Project X -A very nice looking site with some interesting contant, alien types classified, possible abduction indications, various other topics relating to this phenomenon.....

On Some Distant Planet... -This site is a collection of the unknown and unexplained, entire site was just re-done so it looks fresh and new, updated and added features frequently.....have a look.

Kittys Kitchen -"food for thought"...well not first this site looks like it belongs in the food category but don't let the name fool ya, there's plenty of paranormal content to be found here...especially if you like ghosts....

The Back Roads: True Stories of the Paranormal in America -This site contains popular and rare true paranormal stories in the US. It's nicely done so stop on over folks....

Korni's UFOs -UFO site, Pictures, Roswell, Area 51, Crop Circles, Abductions, Brazilian Roswell, The Moon Landing and more.....

Ghost and Voodoo Information Pages -For those interested in ghost, voodoo and all things paranormal...and check out the spooky sound effects.....

UFO Wisconsin -File a UFO report, view a free database of over 180+ UFO sightings throughout the state of Wisconsin, a UFO Photo & Video Gallery, UFO News and Education, and much more!

The Paranormal Zone -This site includes material on various paranormal topics: aliens, ghosts and spirits, Wicca/witchcraft, astral projection, astrology/numberology, ESP, dreams, creatures, etc....

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