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Welcome to a Tour of Mars...

  Ever wonder what it would be like to cruise the landscape of Mars? Well now you can with the above simulation. Now of course, this is in no way the actual terrain of Mars but for those of you with a fascination for the red planet, here is some cheap entertainment. You should be able to navigate by using your mouse. If it gets out of control or you wish to reverse direction, you can click your left or right mouse button to slow everything back down again. Hold down the left or right mouse button to get into a good driving possition or to remove the mouse from the screen without effecting the movement of the terrain. Unfortunately, doing so will also open a second window which can take you to the creators of this applet, where you can download similar programs to use to create your own effects on a webpage. Just click "close" if you are not interested in this software. Your other option to bring it back under control, is to simply refresh the page and the simulation should return to its original speed. If you have Comet Cursor installed, then your cursor should change to a UFO that you can fly around. We hope you enjoy this little program.


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